Warning: PhenQ Pills Reviews and Side Effects Exposed!

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For some years, the ‘trend’ of using diet pills has increased to a considerable point. Where most of the people are investing their trust in this weight loss method, others still prefer to adhere to the old, conventional approaches.

Whether or not all diet pills are ineffective, is a vast debatable topic, however, the pills we normally suggest to our followers and readers are effective.

Yes, its PhenQ, we are referring to!

So what is PhenQ and what is all about? Is it the ultimate weight loss formula that truly has the potential to trim your waist? Lets get to know all about it!

But wait…

Don’t confuse PhenQ by Phentermine! PhenQ is a natural appetite suppressant that has no side effects, unlike Phentermine. But, you can refer PhenQ as the safer and natural substitute of Phentermine.

PhenQ, without a doubt, is the most suggested and tested weight loss brand these days. People prefer it over other diet pills simply because of its versatile powers to deal with the excessive weight.

The formula of PhenQ has been invented through methodological and advance science that has fused appetite suppressing, fat burning and metabolic boosting powers, all in one pill.

Yes, just a single pill can give you the edge to effective and quick weight cutting. If you’re looking for the official PhenQ website you can find it here or go to PhenQ.com.

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My Miraculous Transformation:

Phenq before and after transformation
diet pills that work

The saying that health is wealth is perhaps one of the most fitting and most thought out quote. In the modern day and age, it is binding upon every individual to be physically fit so that he or she can carry out all daily tasks.

The importance of fitness or the role that a fit body plays is something which one can only understand through firsthand experience.

Hey, guys, this is David Coppock and I will narrate you the story of my transformation with the help of a messiah in the form of a product.

Early life:

During my junior schooling, I was a very adventurous child who was always up for a challenge or two. Being a very able sportsman, I was motivated by all to use my skills in the field of sports. Sports itself is one of the most problem-free ways for children to remain away from the threat of childhood obesity.

So, I got my calling from sports and started showcasing my talent at various platforms. The effort that I put into sports resulted in me becoming the captain of my junior school soccer team.

The journey of a healthy and agile life was about to start for me when a major setback happened.

The Setback:

One day at soccer training I was the victim of a hideous tackle from one of the defenders of the other team. My right knee and leg felt really numb and weak and I immediately knew that something bad had happened. I was rushed to the nearest clinic by the medics and the early reports showed that I had had a fracture and had also had some muscle damage.

The doctors were very comforting and hopeful about the recovery period not extending more than two months but they strictly advised me to not play any sports during the coming 6 months.

Being a very active individual I was really taken aback by the thought of staying at home and being kept away from sports for nothing less than 6 months.

I was the epitome of sadness when I came back home assisted by my parents. During the first two weeks, I was surrounded by my friends and was host to a lot of visits from the neighbors as well. It was after the two weeks were over that things started to take a turn for the worst.

Most of my school friends had exams coming up and the neighbors were no more up for routine checkups. My parents would be gone out all day for work and I would be home stranded in my home with nothing but the T.V remote. The days started to get boring and I would keep thinking of fail methods to pass the remaining 5 plus months.

It was during the third week that out of boredom and little hunger I ordered my fast burger. The food really was tasty and did attract me. Hence, my love affair with food started. Being alone at home I would find solace in calling the food outlets and asking for the delivery of a pizza or a burger or lasagna or cheesy pasta.

All of these edibles were making me more prone to unhealthy eating. This continued for a month or two till when I had gained 15 kilograms. This weight gain worried my parents so they decided to start letting me go out for a stroll with friends and stuff.

This really didn’t work because as I started going out I averted from the world of home delivery to the world of dine-ins. My addiction for food had crossed all limits and my weight was on the way up.

My knee which was already very week could not take the burden of my extra weight and I could feel at times crumbling noises coming from my knee. To be very exact my love affair with food lasted for a complete year and a half.

I had shamefully gained around 47 kilograms during this period and my parents were friends were all aware of the complications this might contain. After 18 months had passed, all my friends and parents started passing down instructions regarding how this overeating menace could have an adverse effect later and how I need to limit my intake.

Initially, I did not pay a lot of heed to what they said and rubbished it off as nothing but futile instructions. But it was only after my knees started making cracking noises and hurting while I walked that I decided action had to be taken.

I got a marker and a piece of paper and devised my diet plan.

The Diet Plan:

Weight Loss Diet Plans
diet pills that actually work

My diet plan consisted of a very thought out set of meals that I would consume at set times. The diet plan was drafted with the help of my parents and a family doctor who had knowledge fair enough to guide me through this ordeal.

For the first week or two, I followed the diet plan.

Even though the sudden decrease in the body intake did make me experience nausea at times but the effort was being put by me. After two weeks of strenuous diet, I checked my weight and found out that I had lost a mere three pounds. The loss of weight was commendable but it was nothing like I had expected the weight loss to be like.

Being de-motivated by the results, I decided to take a cheat day out and have some pizza. The flavors and attraction of the fast food items made that cheat day turn into two and after some time I was back at my initial weight.

The failure of the diet plan made me even more anxious and I had temporary pangs of depression.

The Introduction to PhenQ:

Phenq Diet pills Review
phenq diet pills

One of my friends at high school was also very obese and lazy like me. He had been gaining weight since a kid and was now at alarmingly high levels. As of late, I had seen him losing a lot of weight and becoming agiler. He was getting into sports and had high chances of getting into a good state university.

He had lost a lot of weight and looked more refreshed and agile than ever. Out of curiosity and as a result of my anxiety I decided to explore this guy to find out the secret behind his weight loss. One day after class I got hold of him and questioned him regarding his exemplary weight loss pattern.

To my extreme shock, he told me had used some weight loss pills by the name of PhenQ which had aided him to get rid of the cravings as well as the excess fat. I was not only shocked but was also taken by surprise.

My peers had advised me to refrain from taken any pills because of the lack of knowledge regarding how they were made, but here was a living example of someone who had a brilliant transformation by using the pills.

That night I had a very problematic time figuring out whether I needed to take this very important decision to start with PhenQ Diet Pills?

My desire for a healthy body got the better of me and the next day I decided to check the internet regarding the pills and to check some reviews.

The first impression:

As soon as I started researching, I was bombarded with positive reviews regarding PhenQ. Many third party websites had also given positive reviews, with a surplus of reviews from individuals with their success stories after consuming the product.

Being overwhelmed with the positive reviews I decided to have a look at the official website of PhenQ (phenq.com) to garner some knowledge regarding their reliability.

The website was very professional and did show a lot of signs that it was created with the help of a very dedicated staff. The professionalism in the website also showed that this specific product was a bit different that other catchy sale brands which display unprofessionalism by spamming you with their product.

Furthermore, the website had a full list of details regarding the Phenq reviews, ingredients of PhenQ and the benefits that you will get from consuming the pills.

I was already won over by the reviews and the professional website but the last nail in the coffin came when I came to know that the product is made in an FDA approved laboratory.

I had no further doubts remaining and I hurriedly made an order for the product which arrived shortly at my given address.

My experience with PhenQ:

I got the desired product within the specified time on a Friday. Considering that I was in for a long weekend at home, I decided to try the product as soon as possible. After I had taken the pill, I started feeling a sense of more vigor and energy within my body. I was able to move around more effortlessly and most importantly, I had no pangs of laziness.

The pill had started to work from the word go. This turned out to be one of the best things about PhenQ, it did not take a lot of time to get accustomed to my body routine. The effects of PhenQ were seen on my routine from the next day as instead of going for a routine fast food item at 10 in the morning, I went for oats.

The cravings were not even comparable to the ones I had before. PhenQ had greatly reduced my cravings for food items.

As the product had started doing laurels on my body, I gave myself a chance to further increase the speed at which I was losing weight by joining.

This was probably a result of the increased energy that PhenQ had infused into my body. The experience I had in the gym brought back the bygone memories of my high school, where I would be one of the fittest guys around.

The vigor was unmatched and I had energy coming both from the pills and high intake of proteins and carbohydrates.

PhenQ Review!

Before I go on backing my miraculous transformation with figures, I will like to introduce the people reading this narrative to the product PhenQ.

The ingredients and the benefits are top of the notch and stand out in the market.

Ingredients of PhenQ:

  • Calcium Carbonate: This ingredient is a magical supplement which helps keeps your bones strong.
  • Capsimax Powder: This is a very tested and tried a blend of Vitamin B3 and Capsicum which is best proven to reduce fat.
  • Chromium Picolinate: A very common yet essential mineral usually found in whole grains.
  • Caffeine: A very reliable and natural source of energy.

All of the ingredients mentioned above conflate to form the perfect solution for the benefit. Similarly, with these ingredients, Phenq has a lot of benefits which I have experienced firsthand recently.

Benefits of PhenQ:

  1. PhenQ decreases your cravings.
  2. The ingredients keep you alert and active.
  3. Your burns are kept strong.
  4. Fat is burnt at a much-accelerated rate.
  5. The formula boosts energy.
  6. Calories are burnt at a very rapid pace through thermogenesis.

Along with the list of benefits, there are few things which I experienced and kept in my mind. This information can come handy to every other person like me who is thinking of consuming PhenQ Pills.

  • Routine minor headaches
  • Pregnant women/breastfeeding women should refrain from consumption
  • It works best with a diet plan consisting of healthy foods.

My transformation in numbers:

My weight loss journey
best diet pill for women

When I started off with PhenQ, I was suffering from extreme obesity. I had gained a lot of weight and had a morbidly obese weight of 110 kg. The figures came down drastically just after 7-8 months consumption of PhenQ along with a healthy diet and routine gym schedule.

Within 7-8 months time, my weight came down from the mammoth 110 kg to 71 kg which matched up perfectly with my height and body BMI.

Even if I want to, I can’t thank PhenQ enough for assisting me through this troublesome time!

So, you haven’t got you answers yet, or are keen to know more about this weight loss brand?

Well, the article will further enlighten the following features of PhenQ Weight Loss Pill:

  1. What is the formula of PhenQ made from?
  2. How PhenQ help you get over your binge eating.
  3. What can be expected from PhenQ.

If you have been scammed by any diet pill in the recent months or years, then trust me, it’s a lesson for you to take an informed decision next time.

This is only possible when you invest your time in research and get through every important piece of information that can give you an idea of how effective or ineffective the supplement is.

To help you with the purpose, that is, ‘supply’ you with all the necessary, unbiased and genuine information regarding PhenQ, we have come up with this piece of writing.

So, let’s get started with PhenQ, the absolute weight loss solution for those who want a quick fix to their problem!


ingredients of phenq diet pills

The supplement has one secret formula that is so far, only the part of PhenQ. Many believe that this is what has made PhenQ a product worth admiring.

The secret or say the mainstay of this diet pill is A-lacys reset, the patented mixture of:

  1. Alpha-lipoic acid.
  2. Cysteine.

The synergic blend of these fat-busting ingredients helps to pace BMR. Pacing metabolism is one good way to help your body waste the extra fats needed for weight reduction.

Besides this, a speedy metabolism is greatly essential for the conversion of fats into energy.

When fats are incinerated or transformed into useful energy, your fat percentage reduces and your energy level rises.

A lacys reset further stimulates your muscles to grow. This is the reason why PhenQ is referred as the best ‘weight cutting’ and ‘body shaping’ agent!

Other active ingredients of PhenQ are:

Apart from A-lacys reset, PhenQ has the following ingredients that make it a very effective weight loss supplement:

  • Capsimax powder: Capsimax powder is a mix of niacin, capsicum, caffeine and black pepper. As you can see, all these ingredients are best proven to burst body fat, however, when fused together, capsimax powder intensifies thermogenesis, resulting in the rapid fat loss.
  • Calcium carbonate: Calcium carbonate is responsible for preventing the overproduction and overstocking of body fats. In short, the ingredient is what makes PhenQ has its weight management properties.
  • Calcium picolinate: It is an imperative mineral that aids in controlling untimely hunger and irresistible temptations for unhealthy foods. In short, calcium picolinate suppresses appetite.
  • Caffeine: It is an energy boosting agent that keeps your body charged and active for long. Besides, it is also used for its hunger suppressing and calorie burning abilities. Research on PhenQ suggests that the proportion of caffeine used in the product can assist your body to burn 200-300 calories a day!
  • Nopal: The usage of Nopal in the formula of PhenQ is all because of its health-boosting abilities. Nopal being high in fiber and amino acids help you feel fuller, whilst, supply your body with the essential nutrients it needs to function smoothly.
  • L-carnitine fumarate: Extracted from natural foods like vegetables and meat, this essential amino acid plays a very active role in the process of fat burning. Not just this, L-carnitine fumarate is also used for its powers to give the feeling of satiety, through which, consumers are directed to take fewer fats and calories.


As discussed earlier, PhenQ is a product that functions through a number of processes for effective and definite weight loss. More specifically, it:

  • Helps you to take fewer calories, by suppressing your appetite.
  • Prevents your body from producing and saving more fats.
  • Paces BMR for rapid melting of calories and fats.
  • Raises thermogenesis, encouraging your body to blaze the stocked fats.

Yes, all in a single pill! Weight loss was never that easy, all thanks to this comprehensive weight loss and weight management solution, called PhenQ!


The plus points associated with the usage of PhenQ Diet Pills, do not end on weight loss benefits. PhenQ has more to offer! Additional benefits of PhenQ are:

  1. It charges your body by increasing your energy.
  2. It boosts libido and helps with peaceful sleep.
  3. It relieves your mind from stress and combat against the signs of stress.
  4. It brings back the lost confidence in you by giving you the body you can feel free to flaunt anytime.
  5. It boosts your performance, both physical and mental.


Can you believe that a single pill of PhenQ can help you combat against the most difficult battle of your life?

Yes, PhenQ has that potential! The supplement is creating wonders for people, helping all with the weight gain concern.

Time has gone when people with overeating habits have no other choice than accepting the way they look. Binge eating or compulsive eating habits were hard to control.

Fortunately, PhenQ Review has given hope to the ones who have failed to try and attempting to lose weight, all because of their eating habits.

As mentioned earlier, the diet pills are also helpful for those who have a metabolism that works slowly. How Good Is Phen375 Diet Pill? - Will it Work For Me?

Thereby, no matter what has caused your obesity or excess weight, the supplement will help you get in shape, in days!


weight loss solution

It is a diet pill for all looking for some effective weight loss method. It is more like a solution that helps keep the extra kilos off for long. The formula is proven to generate the results for all, provided that one takes the pills regularly and on time.

It is also important that the dosages should also be taken accordingly and must not be exceeded.

Phentermine is prescription diet pills online but PHENQ is over the counter diet pills that work fast without exercise!

Experts believe that if PhenQ is taken with a low carb diet, then it would be more helpful for the users. The combination would help users shed a minimum of 10-12 pounds a month.


That’s the recommended dosage! Just two pills a day would give the needed boost to your weight loss results and the edge you need for that smarter looking body.


Seriously, you need to forget about the side effects as the formula does not cause sleep abnormalities, addiction, digestion problem or any other kind of reaction. PhenQ will only assist your body in the best possible, healthy and safer way. So, you do not really need to worry about the odds as there is no such in your way with PhenQ.


Remember, there is no magic or miracle in PhenQ Supplements that will give you the desired transformation the very next day.

Thus, while you are on the go to weight loss, do not forget these three simple rules:

    1. Do not lose hope: Stay motivated and stick to your goals. At times, your body takes the time to respond, thus, do not lose hope and discontinue the usage. Give your body time and let the formula run its course. Before reaching a definitive conclusion regarding the effectiveness of this product, use it for a period of 2 months.
    2. Do not forget to eat and sleep healthy: As mentioned earlier, taking a low carb diet is the best you can do for yourself, during the course. This will accelerate your results and will help you stick to a healthy weight for long. Plus, taking a good amount of sleep is also essential to prevent your mind from stress. Stress is one big reason for obesity and continuous weight gain!
    3. Adhere to your dosages: Do not forget, 2 pills a day! You must not exceed with the dosages or will do the bad for yourself. Those, willing to continue PhenQ after its two months usage must take a break of at least 2 weeks, in between.

How Much Does PhenQ Cost?

phenq shipping and delivery
Walmart diet pills

Three different packages are available for ordering.

1) 1-month Supply Package – Priced at $69.95

2) 2-month Supply Package + Free 1-month Supply – Priced at $139.90

3) 3-month Supply Package Priced at $189.95 + Free 2-month Supply + 1 Bonus Gift (Advana Tone)

So, that was all about PhenQ (The best alternative to Phentermine diet pills). Feel free to order your bottle today.

Simply click on the official website of PhenQ and get ready to face this competitive world!

Note:* Free shipping are available on all purchase from USA, UK, Australia, France, Canada, Australia & Germany!

Final Thought

i want to thank you all for your precious time, If you find the Phenq Review informative and helpful then please must share your experiences and real story with us in the comments below.